Herbal Infusion Oil

Herbal Infusion Oil


Our Herbal Infusion Oil is a unique herbal-nutrient and plant oil blend formulated to replenish the skin barrier, restore oil balance, increase luminosity, nourish, and calm face and neck skin. The dynamic balance of fatty acid-rich plant oils is designed to mimic the structure of the body's own sebum and help accelerate skin repair and healing. Potent herbal infusions perform by delivering skin-regenerating anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actives. This powerful plant synergy works to support and protect the complexion while helping slow skin decline. 

This effective facial oil treatment can also be used as a light moisturizer and works to effortlessly remove makeup without any sting or irritation in the eye area. 

For all skin types - oily, combination, normal, and dry. Suitable for dehydrated, sensitive, acne, rosacea, and eczema conditions.


*Olive Oil, *Sunflower Oil, *Jojoba Oil, *Grape Seed Oil, *Hemp Seed Oil, *Sesame Oil, *Apricot Oil, *Almond Oil, *Calendula, *Slippery Elm, *Marshmallow Root, *Bilberry, *Green Tea, *Neem, *Alfalfa, *Skullcap, *Fennel, *Ginkgo, *Chickweed, *Hawthorn Berry, †Damask Rose Essential Oil, †Rosewood Essential Oil, †Geranium Essential Oil.




No Animal Testing

Made in the USA

Mist Hydrating Accelerator then apply 1-3 pumps over face and neck. To remove makeup, massage a generous amount over the entire face and wipe away with a wet or dry washcloth.


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