How to Protect Your Skin From Harmful Effects of UV Exposure

How to Protect Your Skin From Harmful Effects of UV Exposure

Green Tea Extract Proves Effective

There is a body of evidence and research shows the benefits and efficacy of green tea as an antioxidant and therapeutic botanical in both skincare and overall health.

Green tea, a botanical extract also known as Camellia Sinensis, has been drunk and used medicinally in Asia for over 4,000 years. Abundant with a potent type of plant polyphenol, a group called "catechins" specifically, "ECGC," green tea – whether taken orally or topically - has been shown to display significant antioxidant, chemopreventive, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. ECGC specifically affects the biochemical pathways important in cell proliferation and repair.

A large study published in 2010 on the use of botanicals in dermatology, showed that the topical application of green tea extract can protect skin against the harmful effects of UV exposure, including erythema, premature aging, and even cancer.

Improve the Appearance of Your Skin

Studies have also proven that green tea extract improves skin smoothness, reduces inflammation - specifically working against acne causing bacteria - and neutralizes free radicals, making it very effective for treating  and slowing the deterioration of the skin.  

Whether enjoyed as tea or used as a topical ingredient in skincare and beauty products, green tea is truly a miracle botanical like no other. No wonder it has been used (and studied) for thousands of years. For safe, therapeutic, and proven protection from damaging UV rays, as well as the treatment of wrinkles, skin conditions and/or diseases, there is nothing like green tea. It’s a natural and multidimensional powerhouse. Find our in-house made, certified organic Green Tea extract in our Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30Nutrient Day Cream Tinted SPF 30, Herbal Infusion Oil, and our new Hydration Boost Concentrate.

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