Our natural hair care product line is founded on a simple fact: caring for the hair means caring for the scalp. Over the course of a decade working hands on with thousands of clients, Josh Rosebrook learned as a hair stylist how significant scalp health is to overall hair health. By working closely with clients, including several celebrities, Josh developed an essential criteria index of customer needs when it come to all natural hair products: ingredient innovation and performance was key. Josh envisioned hair care products that would first and foremost stimulate, nourish and protect the scalp. Following this formula focus, Josh worked with a dynamic team of cosmetics chemists, herbalist and researches to create a botanical phytonutrient infusion that would sit at the core of each product, including all natural shampoo, natural conditioner and natural styling products. Our signature scalp and hair infusion represents a botanical bounty of over twenty dense nutrient herbs that work to help facilitate hair growth by activating the hair follicle, meaning stimulating and increasing circulation, which in turn supports nourishment of the hair cells and helps protect scalp function. By restoring healthy scalp function, sebaceous glands on the scalp are given the chance to re-calibrate and balance crucial sebum production based on the unique needs of the person. Josh Rosebrook natural hair care products are formulated to protect the hair and scalp against stressors from the environment, styling, and damage from chemical processing. Damage to the hair occurs when the environmental stressors, styling, coloring and other treatments cause the hair follicle to raise, lower and chip, resulting in the appearance of unhealthy hair. Hair care products are meant to protect, replenish, and retain healthy oil levels in hair to prevent it from splitting and breaking. Josh Rosebrook natural hair products contain specific ingredients and oils to help protect the scalp acid mantle.


Textured Hair 101: What it Needs, How to Care for it, and More

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Can You Repair Damaged Hair?

There are so many products that promise to repair damaged hair. The hair is technically dead and has no nervous system, blood, or cell regeneration. Because hair is not a living tissue with regene...

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Symptoms, Causes and Support for Dry Scalp, Dandruff And Flakiness

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