Our lifestyle products go through the same rigorous research, development and evaluation process as every single ingredient in our formulations. Whether it is a natural beauty product, such our Enfleuria Botanical Fragrance, or a lifestyle product, like our wide paddle hairbrush, we apply the same high quality and sustainability standard to every product in this collection. We take great pride in curating expert artisans that specialize in small batches or suppliers that provide not only the highest quality, but also the most authentic and sustainable materials for these lifestyle products. These products are meant to elevate your self-care rituals by providing you with the tools to explore a deeper relationship with your wellbeing. Enfleuria Botanical Fragrance, a beauty product, illustrates this concept perfectly. Fragrance is both empowering and evocative, imbued with the ability to elevate mood and set a mental tone for whatever lies ahead. The care and dedication that went into growing the ingredients for Enfleuria and the precision we took in formulating these ingredients into a fragrance will carry through onto the wearer - and be reflected in the wellness intention you set for yourself when wearing Enfleuria. For example, the heart of the scent is a lusciously enveloping gardenia that was prepared for Enfleuria using a traditional process called enfleurage. This time intensive technique was developed in Grasse, France during the 18th century shortly before the ‘Le Belle Epoque’. Enfleurage captures the essence of gardenia by pressing the delicate, fresh flowers directly into frames coated with a plant-based fat and it takes approximately 60 days for the fat to become saturated with the fragrance of the flower. This method was originally developed for flowers like jasmine, rose, orange blossom and tuberose, and if we use jasmine for illustrative purposes, it takes 25 kilograms (roughly 55 pounds) of jasmine flowers to produce one kilogram (roughly 2 pounds) of jasmine absolute via enfleurage.


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