We believe that a good foundation for self-care starts with a solid routine. As outlined in our philosophy, we feel that taking care of the skin and hair is just one aspect of what it means to address whole body health, with other self-care categories spanning diet, exercise, stress, environment, and sleep. All of these categories work together in synergy, the same philosophy that our formulations operate on: the ingredients are stronger together as a whole. The perfect example is how a singular antioxidant works best when paired with complimentary network antioxidants - they recycled each other within the body and skin when they have neutralized a free radical. We also believe that the routine we create to use our products is just as important as the products themselves. Following Josh’s ‘Seven Phases of Care’, we establish routines using the following order: Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Activate, Hydrate, Regenerate, and Protect. Within this sequential pattern, all Josh Rosebrook products are designed for layering, with the ingredients working together across products to empower the overall health and radiance of your skin. We explore what a foundational morning and evening routine could look like, along with adding products to routines dependent on skin condition or other specific needs. For example, when it comes to both combatting the appearance of redness and increasing the skin’s ability to hold water, we follow the foundational morning and evening routine, but add in the Hydration Boost Concentrate, Advanced Hydration Mask, Herbal Infusion Oil, and Vital Balm Cream, unscented. One element of our routines that we cannot stress enough is daily environmental protection using preferably both C Bright Complex and Nutrient Day Cream, in that order. These two products introduce two types of vitamin C to the skin along with plant antioxidants that help to offset skin deterioration while moisturizing agents bind to the skin surface, reinforcing the protective lipid barrier to effectively seal in hydration.


How Antioxidants Help Slow Signs of Aging

Antioxidants Slow the Signs of Decline At the core of each Josh Rosebrook product is an ingredient synergy complex intended to deliver two essential capacities to the skin and scalp: 1) anti-inflam...

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Can You 'Detoxify' Your Skin?

Misconceptions of ‘Detoxing’ and Removing Impurities from the Skin We’ve all heard the term “skin detox”, a reference to the belief that skin health can improve by going through a “purge” to remov...

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Textured Hair 101: What it Needs, How to Care for it, and More

When it comes to textured hair care, there is no one size fits all. The diversity of density, porosity, and curl level all play a role in determining what textured hair needs and why. Textured hair...

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