Beauty in Harmony with Nature

We want to help you realize your true beauty. We believe the best way to do this is through the pure, regenerative power of nature’s plants and herb extracts. That’s why we’ve created a unique line of scientifically proven luxury skin, hair and scalp solutions using the greatest lab ever created: Mother Nature.

Our uncompromising standards mean we’re committed to being as true to you as we are to ourselves. All of our products are conscientiously formulated and produced using only the highest quality raw materials. We carefully select and work closely with our suppliers, so we’re able to ensure the maximum potency and freshness of our ingredients while remaining faithful to ethical, sustainable, and fair-trade practices.

Josh Rosebrook products represent our singular vision to help you achieve your skin and hair care aspirations. Our devotion to thoughtfully crafting them has cultivated a vibrant and diverse community, where each individual is respected and beauty is expressed and embraced in all its forms. Together, our products and this community represent our sincerest attempt to honor nature, and honor your individual beauty.

*No animal testing ever.


Diversity, equality and inclusivity are at the core of who we are at Josh Rosebrook. We are continually inspired to represent all people on this planet irrespective of their gender, gender identity, age, nationality, sexual orientation, size, color, religion, marital status, social class, and family dynamic. We oppose all forms of discrimination and uphold that all people be treated with fairness and equality always.

The Josh Rosebrook Community's Impact

1% of every Josh Rosebrook purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.
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