How to Keep Your Skin Healthy While Traveling

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy While Traveling


Whether for business or pleasure, we’ve always got travel in mind. Yet no matter where the trains, planes, automobiles, or bikes may take us (the Italian Riviera, please), we refuse to compromise on our skincare routine. Of course, taking care of the skin while traveling can require some creative hacks, not to mention care tweaks that may be needed depending on your environmental surroundings — think airplane cabins, elevation changes, hiking through the jungle, and lifestyle choices like that extra glass of champagne and (of course) indulgence in all things gastronomy. So, with the theme of resilience in mind, here are some resourceful ways to use your Josh Rosebrook products while on the go/glow.

Wear Sunscreen on Travel Days 

Even though you might feel like you’re in a giant climate-proof capsule traveling at great speed toward your destination, don’t skip your typical spf application - the elements can still be fierce, especially in higher altitudes. At least 30 minutes before your departure, apply Nutrient Day Cream to your face and neck, and take extra care to apply to the backs of your hands and any larger areas of exposed skin, like the chest. We love a good window seat flying over Paris, but not the increased risk of UV exposure.

What’s fantastic about Nutrient Day Cream is that it doesn’t feel like a traditional sunscreen but your favorite antioxidant-infused moisturizer. For the sun protection factor, the formula uses non-nano zinc oxide that doesn’t leave a white cast. It also introduces your skin to key repairing, lightweight essential fatty acids, and a herbal infusion bolsters your skin’s phytonutrient reserves. Plus, it’s fellow-passenger friendly and unscented, meaning you won’t smell like sunscreen (or some variation of tropical fruits) all the way to your destination. 

As Nutrient Day Cream doubles as both daily moisturizer and protective sunscreen, it’s a great space saver - we love to bring the larger 100ml tube (packaged in lightweight bioresin and TSA liquids-limit approved) to carry us through the whole journey. 

Nutrient Day Cream

Gently Exfoliate 

Polish off the travel blues and get rid of transit “ick” by gently resurfacing with Active Enyzme Exfoliator. Create a new destination ritual with this travel-sized treatment by first cleansing to remove makeup, sunscreen, and the day’s residue, then applying a generous amount to the face and neck. We love to leave this on for up to an hour as a renewing post-travel mask, preferably while in a warm recovery bath or unpacking. When ready to remove, gently (and we mean that with a capital G!) massage the skin with wet fingertips and rinse off with lukewarm water. Pat dry to reveal fresh, soft, and revitalized skin. 

Active Enzyme Exfoliator is a must-have for travel because of its dual-action approach, using both manual and enzymatic exfoliation power. With a restorative honey base that acts as a potent humectant (drawing moisture to the skin), this resurfacing treatment contains antioxidant-rich and soothing herbs that work hard to counter the appearance of redness and blemishes from the imbalance travel can bring. 

Active Enzyme Exfoliator 

Hydrate Eyes, Lips, Hands, and Nails 

We all know the feeling: “I didn’t drink enough water.” If you’re looking for evidence, take a peek at the back of your hands, cuticles, lips, or (we dare you) around your eyes. These areas offer insight into how well your skin is retaining hydration, especially when under the stress of travel when subjected to harsher circumstances. To lend a hydrating hand, we reach for our multi-tasking occlusive: Advanced Hydration Mask. 

Don’t let the function of ‘mask’ put you off. An intensive moisture replenisher, this rescue mask contains nutrient-dense shea butter, soothing aloe vera, vital biomimetic polysaccharides, and calming blue tansy. Grab your travel-size jar and melt a small amount between your fingertips before applying - you can also cup your hands and take a deep breath to let the relaxing aroma settle you. You don’t need much to create an incredible protective layer that quickly goes to work to elevate skin appearance and ease feelings of dryness. It’s the surprising but perfect treat for eyes, lips, hands, and nails! It pairs best with a bottle of water and a deep breath. Ps. As per our first tip, layer responsibility with sunscreen on travel days.  Advanced Hydration Mask

Don’t Forget your Favorite Mist

Once dubbed “Jesus Juice” by skincare guru Caroline Hirons, the Hydrating Accelerator should not be kept solely (or holy) on your bathroom shelf. We've included a deluxe mini travel size in a few of our Discover Kits so our ultra-fine and refreshing botanical mist can fast-track hydration to your skin while you hop in the fast-track lane at Heathrow. Wherever you find yourself in the world, Hydration Accelerator is our most universal, performance-driven product - built for all skin, anytime, anywhere - that delivers a multi-action blend of soothing phytonutrients and fortifying antioxidants to help satisfy skin thirst and support vitality. Bonus: the Hydrating Accelerator will also help to enhance the performance of other serums, oils, balms, creams, or masks applied after. 

Hydrating Accelerator The Essentials Kit  The Hydration Kit 

Aim for Consistency With Your Usual Products

When traveling, your surroundings change, and your circadian rhythm can feel like a game of spin-the-wheel. Yet, the simple act of sticking with your core products and routine can help to counter the appearance of stress and increase the skin’s resilience. For many reasons, we understand how tricky this simple act can be! If you are anything like us, packing gives you anxiety in general, especially when it comes to packing your skincare. It tends to be the heaviest weight in the suitcase - are we right? 

Fear not - we’ve been working hard to lighten the suitcase load, so you don’t have to skip your usual products! It started with one Discovere Kit: The Essentials and has grown into two more: The Hydration Kit and The Renew Kit. We are featuring  our award-winning, absolute essentials in travel-friendly and deluxe minis. 

  • Discover The Essentials Meet The Essentials, our award-winning products to kickstart your skin care routine. Discover these classics in compact and convenient sizes destined to be your favorite travel companions. This kit includes Complete Moisture Cleanse, Daily Acid Toner and Hydration Accelerator.
  • Discover Hydration Meet The Hydrators, our unique moisture-locking products that deliver mighty results in discovery, travel sizes. Maximize skin hydration and give the skin barrier support with this radiance-boosting set. This kit includes Hydrating Accelerator, Hydration Boost Concentrate, Vital Balm Cream and Advanced Hydration Mask.
  • Discover Renew Discover the Renew Kit, our bioactive and nutrient-dense skincare that helps to revitalize your skin’s appearance and enhance a healthy glow. This set is curated to provide a comprehensive experience that focuses on gentle surface exfoliation, enhancing the appearance of firmer and plumper-looking skin, increasing moisture retention, and rejuvenating the appearance of fine lines. This kit includes Active Enzyme Exfoliator, Hydration Boost Concentrate, Ultra Peptide Cream and Vital Balm Cream.

Maintaining healthy and glowing skin while traveling is not always easy, but with the right products and inventive tricks, you can take care of your skin on the go and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Remember to wear sunscreen, gently exfoliate, hydrate your eyes, lips, hands, and nails, and don't forget to bring your atomizer. These easy-to-use and travel-friendly products will help you keep your skin looking its best, no matter where your travels take you.

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