How Hard Water Affects Your Shampoo And Hair

How Hard Water Affects Your Shampoo And Hair

If the water in your home is hard, containing high calcium and magnesium mineral content, it can affect the performance of your natural shampoo and conditioner. Heavy minerals build up and affect natural conditioners ability to soften and penetrate and the minerals in hard water decrease shampoo lathering capabilities.


Hard water contains an adversary to natural soaps - calcium. Calcium has a strong positive charge. Soap molecules are negatively charged and when they come in contact with positively-charged calcium the two bond together, with no charge at all.  This greatly reduces the ability of the soap to remove dirt and oil. 


Delicate, natural cleansers like our saponified coconut oil are a part of a balanced, whole plant formula that includes real plant oils and extracts. Hard water must be softened for the products to perform best.  

How Hard Water Affects Your Shampoo And Hair


There are many affordable shower filtration systems available today and your scalp, hair and skin will benefit immensely from having one. Chlorinated water is not good for the hair or skin and can inhibit natural cleansing agents performance as well. The chemicals in chlorine and the heavy minerals in hard water can cause skin and scalp to become itchy and irritated. Hard water can also trigger eczema conditions and create build up on hair that causes breakage and a dull appearance.

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