New Year New Powerful Hydration Retention Products

They are on the way! I have to hold back my excitement on these, but if there ever was a time to hype, it's now. The new product in the photo is not just another, typical, natural facial balm that the market is filled with - it's truly unique, innovative and incredibly effective, it's a combination "Vital Balm Cream," and the visible results are quite mind blowing. Designed to pair with the Hydrating Accelerator, this new creation of mine causes my skin to retain hydration levels like I have NEVER experienced before, I'm hydrated beyond belief! And the reasons why are not only the specific herbal synergy and potent plant oils designed to calm and assist skin regeneration, but special plant seeds that are clinically proven to assist skin cells in locking in more hydration than hyaluronic acid! And it works. This is THE moisturizer. I'll be sharing more soon, including details about its new sister Hydration Mask that is on the way! I can definitely say that this is a Holy Grail product that I cannot and will not live without - and I can't wait for you to try it! Release date TBA.