How To Determine Which Conditioner Is Appropriate For Your Hair

To determine which conditioner is appropriate for your hair, consider the condition of the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair is the area that needs to be tended to most.

Your scalp condition (how balanced to oily to dry your scalp area is) will establish the correct shampoo for your hair.

Hair dehydrates as it grows due to it's age, constant handling, manipulation, styling, poor products, exposure to adverse weather conditions -especially the outside layer of the hair, etc.

Here's how to determine which conditioner is appropriate for your hair condition:

If your mid-shaft to ends is balanced, healthy, not chemically colored, and or volume is a priority - Balance Conditioner is well suited.

If your mid-shaft to ends is dry, (which is actually light damage) damaged, or chemically colored, especially lightened - Nourish Conditioner or Enrich Mask is most appropriate for your hair.

If your mid-shaft to ends is damaged or brittle - Enrich Mask is the treatment you need. 

Applying conditioner to the scalp area is not necessary. The scalp regulates proper oil production when a person is using the correct shampoo for their scalp condition. An exception is when certain dry scalp or dry scalp dandruff issues are present, in which case I recommend Enrich to address those scalp concerns. 

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