3 Reasons To Ditch Your Face Cream For This Mist And Oil

3 Reasons To Ditch Your Face Cream For This Mist And Oil

Written by Sandra Lanshin Chiu, L.Ac. - TCM Practitioner, Acupuncturist and founder of Lanshin 

Effective moisturizing is crucial for healthy, beautiful skin. Most Asians use creams to moisturize skin. But, there is actually a better way. As a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner who specializes in dermatology and cosmetic disorders - I find a 2-step protocol far more effective for achieving plump, glowing, youthful skin. 


First I apply hydrating fluid, or facial mist to dampen my skin.


Once my skin is wet, I massage a few drops of facial oil to integrate and penetrate the fluid moisture even deeper.

You might be thinking, but a cream is already a combination of fluid + water. And it is only one convenient step. Isn’t this more work? 

In a pre-made cream you only get the amount of fluid (water) and oil the manufacturer includes. But with a facial mist + facial oil combination, you control the amount of water and oil your skin receives. And this is key. Dry skin is dehydrated, so it needs more water hydration- just like when you are thirsty. You can add as many layers of fluid as you need to quench your skin’s need for hydration. Then, follow up with facial oil to 1) nourish, and 2) to seal in all that hydration and moisture you just fed to your skin. 

What Hydrating Fluids and Oils Work Best?

My favorite facial hydrating mist is called Hydrating Accelerator by Josh Rosebrook. I have used this for years on my patients and it suits many different skin types. I follow it with the Active Infusion Oil.

What I love about Josh’s products as a TCM Practitioner is…HERBS! He loves to formulate with the power of whole herbs, which are already well known in Asia as effective for supporting your overall health, including skin health. The Josh Rosebrook line contains both Eastern herbs you probably know well with the best of Western herbs for a powerful East meets West combination of ingredients. Here are some of my favorite synergistic combinations:

Goji Berry (枸杞子) + Eyebright: You know 枸杞 well for its ability to strengthen your qi, blood and vision. From a Western science view, it is also one of the most powerful antioxidants that can help prevent the kind of oxidative stress which can lead to melasma (黄褐斑). Eyebright is similarly famous in European herbalism for curing problems of the eyes. Its inflammation fighting properties also help to heal wounds and irritated skin.

Dandelion (蒲公英) + Calendula: 2 strong inflammation fighting and detoxifying herbs. You probably know 蒲公英 well for its ability to clear toxins and heat (解毒) from the skin. Similarly, the Western herb, Calendula is known for its tissue repair properties, which were in fact used on the battlefields in the American Civil War to heal wounds.

Turmeric (郁金) + Horse Chestnut: There are several types of turmeric, and in TCM practice we often use 郁金 to improve the circulation and flow of blood (血液循环). Horse Chestnut is similarly effective for improving blood flow and is used in Western herbology for strengthening the blood vessels. 

There are far more herbs than listed here in Josh’s products, but this gives you an idea of the powerful synergy of Eastern and Western herbs included in his formulations that I have found very effective in achieving that juicy, glowing, dewy look that helps your skin look youthful for as long as possible!

3 Reasons To Ditch Your Face Cream For This Mist And Oil

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