We have evolved. Revolved, perhaps.

People used to be artisans, producing everything in their homes and trading and bartering with others. People grew their own food, worked their land, and were connected to the earth in a real way every day.

The Industrial Revolution changed that. Suddenly everything could be made cheaply, far away, and in mass quantities. At first those industries provided careers to help create the consumers for all these goods. But as economies became more and more efficient, those workers were slowly and steadily phased out. The jobs that remained were mostly at the very bottom tier requiring minimal skills and providing equally little pay and, even worse, no fulfillment.

Seeking better opportunities, a growing number of these workers have moved into the new economy—a sales, service, and manufacturing industry made possible through the web and its ability to keep us all connected. We are the new artisans—designers, thinkers, and other culture creators. Manufacturing and retail will never go away. But now a premium is placed on specialty products and curated collections. A renewed appreciation for quality acknowledges that the best rarely comes out of a factory.

This is what drives us. The excitement and the opportunity to create something truly special. Every day.