We go to great lengths to source the highest quality, certified organic, organic and wild-crafted ingredients available. We have built strong, long-term relationships with our suppliers to ensure that our ingredients meet our uncompromising standards, ethics, and sustainability. This allows us access to the freshest, highest quality, and maximum potency of our ingredients, and that our suppliers have a market for what they produce. Always fair trade, fair prices, fair wages, and work is performed in safe conditions. In addition, in some cases, the environment is protected and workers receive development funds to empower and uplift their communities. We love this and want to help create more communities around the world like this.

Most of the herbs in our products are grown on the west coast of California. We work with several organic farms in Oregon and California for most of our herbs. There are a few select herbs that we can’t source year-round in the USA so we source them from organic farms in Europe and South America. We work very hard to source our plants and support local business as much as possible.

To guarantee absolute purity, an independent third-party laboratory tests all of our products regularly along with any new ingredients. We consistently receive “zero toxicity” results — a rare designation that reflects our unwavering commitment.