Active Enzyme Exfoliator

This professional treatment works to brighten, firm, soften and resurface skin. Potent plant, herb and fruit enzymes gently slough off dead skin cells while finely ground, non-abrasive walnut shells mechanically reveal new skin. This dual-action exfoliation creates results that are visibly better than either method alone. Our herb and fruit enzymes successfully dissolve the bond between dead and live skin cells, so the granules can do their job more easily manually exfoliating the skin. Potent anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant agents together produce a powerful plant synergy to regenerate and reset the skin’s natural healing process. Nutrient dense plant oils and active, raw honey moisturize, transform and repair delivering instant, visible radiance and renewal.


*Honey, *Vegetable Glycerin, *Soy Lecithin, *Neem Leaf, *Yucca Root, *Sage, *Stevia Leaf, *Eyebright, *Echinacea, *Fennel, *Horsetail *Bilberry, *Chickweed, *Comfrey, *Slippery Elm, *Peppermint, *Bladderwrack, *Lavender Flowers, *Calendula Flowers, *White Willow Bark, *Skullcap, *Ginko Leaf, *Green Tea, *Alfalfa, *Hawthorne Berry, *Gotu Kola, *Marshmallow Root, *St. John’s Wort, *Yerba Mate, *Solomon’s Seal Root, *Rosemary Leaf, *Papaya Enzyme, Walnut Shells, §Xanthan Gum, Lemon essential oil, Cypress essential oil, Fennel essential oil. 







No Animal Testing

Made in the USA


Exfoliation is a necessary and basic step in skin care; brightening, firming and softening it encourages skin cell turnover and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, the building blocks of the skin.

Regularly exfoliating allows the skin to hold more moisture. Dead skin cell are dry and when new skin cells are produced through exfoliation, the healthy new cells are able to hold onto hydration. 

Removing the dead skin cells on the surface layer of the skin creates a smooth foundation of fresh, soft skin. This new skin can easily absorb hydration and rich nutrient benefits from your other hydrating and moisturizing products like the Hydrating Acclerator, Deep Hyrating Serum and the Nutrient Day Cream with spf. 

Bilberry detoxifies, brightens, boosts collagen, increases elasticity.

Chickweed smoothes fine lines, brightens, repairs cells, protects.

Eyebright firms, boosts collagen, brights, calms, supports cells.

Gotu Kola brightens, cellular repair, heals, treats acne, can reduce veri- cose veins.

Peppermint tightens, firms, softens, supports cells.

Yucca soothes, heals, firms

Stevia Leaf tightens, smoothes, treats acne.

White Willow exfoliates, soothes, heals, reduces fine lines, lightens dark/age spots.

Marshmallow Root tones, brightens, softens, assists moisture.

Neem Leaf balances oil, treats acne, firms, supports cells.

Bladderwrack increases elasticity, boosts collagen, reduces fine lines.

Hawthorn Berry firms, tones, boosts collagen, repairs cells.

Yerba Mate plumps, firms, supports cells. 

Gently apply in circular motions. Set 10 minutes to 1 hour, rinse with warm water and pat dry. Next mist the face with the Hydrating Accelerator and apply the Deep Hydrating Serum. 


For best results, mist our Hydrating Accelerator prior to applying the Active Enzyme Exfoliator. This will help to "open up" the surface layer of the skin to receive the nutrient delivery in the Exfoliator and also help spread the product onto the face easier. This can also be done by applying warm water to the face for easier application.

*Sometimes products in trial size or sample size of the Active Enzyme Exfoliator can become a bit dry in the small containers.  Please note that the whole product is still very active with enzymes as they are all completely infused into the ingredients, just like the regular more "gooey" consistency. Just add a bit of water into your hand and mix the product in well. This makes the product easier to spread out onto the face and neck when applying.  



I couldn’t find anything on the market that contained the right amount and size of granules or a product that utilized effective, natural enzymatic activity either. The granules were always either too big or not nearly enough in the product to properly exfoliate. The idea was to combine the two techniques successfully and create a “dual-action” exfoliator superior to anything. Using the perfect amount of finely ground walnut shells for mechanical exfoliation, along with active, fruit and herb enzymes, created powerful, effective  synergy. This created the exceptional product you have today that dramatically renews the surface of the skin. 



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