True beauty is a way of living, a way of loving
yourself. A practice of self care rituals and
choosing to see the beauty in the world,
looking for the light in all things.
-Josh Rosebrook

I opened my first salon in Portland, Oregon,when I was 10 years old. I found an antiquebarber’s chair in the basement and soon wasstyling and fixing the hair of all the kids inthe neighborhood. Even at that age I couldn’tunderstand why everyone had a hard timewith their hair. It came naturally to me;I instinctively knew how to cut or color theirhair to give them the look they wanted.

My interest in skin care came a few yearslater and by the time I was a teenager I wascomparing results and reading labels. Ibegan using different products and researchingthe ingredients and the effects on my skin.I began to make the connection between diet,physical appearance and overall health.
By my 20s I had moved to Los Angeles andwas working in high-end beauty salons. Asmy career flourished, I began experimentingwith creating my own skin care. Drivenby curiosity and a desire for more naturalsolutions I studied the biochemistry of the skin,scalp and hair. That’s how my first product,

the Cacao Antioxidant Mask, came intobeing. I really had no intention of selling it,but that changed when my friends startednoticing the improvements in my skin, andlearned that the cause was all-natural andentirely pure.

With that, Josh Rosebrook Skin and HairCare was born, and it’s only gatheredmomentum from there.
Today I work with a team that includesindustry-leading phytochemists, herbalistsand aromatherapists. Together we conceive,design, test and perfect our formulas, andonly when it meets our uncompromisingstandards do we share our passion withthe world.
Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care is carefullycrafted in small batches with only thehighest quality, clean, totally natural andorganic ingredients. Our intention is tocreate pure and effective products thatprotect and transform the skin, scalp and hairutilizing unique plant and herbal synergies.

You will never find any synthetic, geneticallymodifiedor artificial ingredients in any ofour formulas.
The foundation of our beauty philosophyincludes daily meditation and yoga. I believethat this balance between our spiritual andphysical lives brings us into alignment withourselves. This is the essence of happiness: acombination of physical and emotional health