Vitamin-Infused Organic Aloe Gel

 Aloe vera might be the oldest skin care product known to man.  There are records of it being used 3500 years ago, and it probably wasn't a brand new idea even then.  To this day, aloe vera is used by both modern skin and hair care companies and traditional herbalists alike.  There are a bunch of very good reasons for this, and here are a few of the fantastic things in aloe vera:

Our Vitamin-Infused Organic Aloe Gel concentrates all of those natural compounds, and also provides a nice base for the rest of our extracts, botanicals, vitamins and essential oils.  Being naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, aloe vera gel doesn't require any chemical preservatives (unlike water, which is the main ingredient in most shampoos and conditioners).  We use it in our Moisturizing Cleanser, Deep Nourishing Shampoo and Deep Nourishing Conditioner.