Organic African Black Soap

Africa has a long and rich tradition of soap making, and different regions will have slightly different recipes and therefore, slightly different soaps.  Most of the formulations are closely guarded family secrets, and the source of a great deal of pride, particularly among the women who are often in charge of making these soaps.  But there are a few basics that all African Black Soaps have in common.

For starters, African Black Soap isn't actually black.  It's dark brown with streaks and flecks of beige and black.  It's also much softer than your typical bar of soap.  The lye that is used to make this soap is made from plantain skins, palm leaves and cocoa pod beans, roasted at high heat until all that's left is ash.  That's then mixed with water and oils, mostly palm kernel oil and shea butter.  The resulting soap is extremely gentle and high in vitamins and minerals.  Vitamins A & E are abundant, along with a healthy dose of iron.

In combination with other active ingredients in our products, African Black Soap cleans and refreshes, while delivering nutrition to your skin and hair.  We use it in our Deep Nourishing Shampoo and our Moisturizing Cleanser.