Hydrating Accelerator


Hydrating Accelerator
Hydrating Accelerator
Hydrating Accelerator
Hydrating Accelerator
Hydrating Accelerator
Hydrating Accelerator



Why Josh Rosebrook?

  • Increases hydration
  • Delivers potent micronutrients to the skin
  • Relieves redness
  • Resets the skin’s natural healing ability
  • Protects Skin Structure
  • Calms skin
  • Formulated for all skin types and conditions

How to use

What people are saying

"I love this product.It is refreshing and rejuvenating."

– Beatrice L. Verified Buyer

"I love the fine mist of this product! Also the scent is intoxicating. The way it makes my skin feel, so hydrated, is incredible."

– Cynthia B. Verified Buyer

"Perfect for layering moisture and for dry environments!!!"

– Aranzazu L. Verified Buyer

"The mist that comes from the bottle is so refreshing it gives you an instant coolness and peps your skin right up!"

– Carmen J. Verified Buyer


After decades as a professional hair stylist and a lifetime of rigorous research and testing, the inspiration that drives Josh remains:

To help people improve their skin and hair, embracing their individual beauty through gentle, results-powered, high quality formulations that deliver unique whole plant and biomimetic, cosmetic active synergy.  

Over a decade after creating his eponimous brand, Josh still works with leading cosmetic chemists, herbalists, and environmental health researchers to create results-driven formulations that are inclusive, dynamic and most importantly,effective.

Our commitment to end racism

Diversity, equality and inclusivity are at the core of who we are at Josh Rosebrook. We are continually inspired to represent all people on this planet irrespective of their gender, gender identity, age, nationality, sexual orientation, size, color, religion, marital status, social class, and family dynamic.

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Josh Rosebrook is an integrity-founded skin, hair and body care company on a mission to strengthen skin health and support the vitality of the person within. We create bio-designed, research-driven products that harness advancements in cosmetic science and sustainable practices to bring you optimum performance formulations with potent botanical and biomimetic ingredients.