Our Commitment to End Racism

Our Commitment to End Racism

Our company was founded on the principles of inclusion and diversity. I had a vision years ago to create a brand that represented all people, a brand that stood for equality and human rights, created by a diverse team who represent all people on this planet irrespective of gender, gender identity, age, nationality, sexual orientation, size, color, religion, marital status, social class, and family dynamic. This also included my commitment to hiring Black and POC transgender models for all of our campaigns and elevating trans people in our marketing and brand imaging, as well as sponsoring their events to support their careers and give them jobs - that will never change.

What will change is how we can do better. How we can do more. How we can increase our product education and outreach to include BIPOC. As our small business grows, we commit to adding positions at all levels from executive to paid youth internships with opportunities for advancement. We will provide resources and donation opportunities for the JR community and match those funds. We commit to lifting and supporting BIPOC youth. This will require work but we are committed as a company to end racism and to do the action required to be a truly anti-racist company.

We will listen, try, stumble, unlearn, stumble, learn, grow, and change.

Sending great love and care to everyone,

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