Skin Disease Treatment - Healing Acne, Rosacea Inflammation

I'm highlighting a conversation that needs to be talked about and will hopefully help clear up misperceptions to skin care. I am not a dermatologist - I visited one many years ago with a skin concern where I received a general diagnosis to my skin problem, but like I thought, the prescription cream prescribed did not help. 

For many with chronic skin diseases modern dermatology has not been the answer. A proper diagnosis of the condition is always necessary from any dermatologist but the conventional approach doesn’t always address the underlying cause, what is provoking the problem leading to excessive inflammation condition.

Holistic vs Conventional Dermatology

Holistic dermatology isn’t just a “natural alternative,” many times it’s the only effective option for people who haven’t had success with the conventional dermatological approach to healing their chronic skin condition. The conventional approach doesn’t always connect other systems of the body and how they relate to the skin condition like acne, rosacea, eczema or other skin diseases. The skin is often treated like an isolated organ that isn’t connected to the rest of the body and it’s issues. Topical steroids, corticosteroids, that stop inflammation also can weaken the immune system and don’t address what is actually provoking the inflammation in the first place. Topical steroids, corticosteroids, that stop inflammation can also weaken the immune system and don’t address what is actually provoking the inflammation in the first place. Many times antibiotics are prescribed as well which kill beneficial gut flora and cause other issues. If the approach doesn’t work, and the skin disease or condition reappears and become chronic, or if their skin reacts to whatever was prescribed, other methods are necessary.  A topical steroid cream does not fix the problem for everyone - if it does for you, that is great, but many times it is not until diet, allergies, digestion, and lymphatics are considered and appropriate herbal medicine prescribed to heal the gut and detoxify the blood, can the body build and maintain the immunity to offset the outbreaks in the future. 

Many conventional dermatologists do have some understanding of natural remedies but the holistic approach to healing isn’t usually their work and the insurance system doesn’t allow  Whenever I am suggesting products to someone with serious skin concerns or diseases, I always recommend they see a holistic dermatologist, a nutritionist who specializes in skin health or a Chinese medicine doctor.