How Stress And Anxiety Affect Your Hair And Health


Fear always produces a stress response. Every time we experience fear, which is experienced at higher levels as being frightened, scared or terrified and at lower levels, worry and anxiety we produce stress on the body. Even imagined fear produces a chemical response in the body, and the degree of the stress response always correlates to the level of fear.




Hormones are extremely powerful chemical messengers in the body. Traveling through the body via the bloodstream, they help our bodies function by regulating the activities of groups of cells or organs. 


When you begin to stress, your adrenal glands start pumping out cortisol and adrenaline, then, a multitude of reactions converge to raise your blood pressure and heart rate. This is not good, except for moments needed for survival! These are the anxious, fearful moments we all know so well, that make your heart pound.




Stress really affects our immune system and makes us more or less susceptible to illness. Hair is a non essential body tissue. The rest of the body is higher priority than the hair and once you become ill, your hair will not be nourished through the bloodstream as thoroughly because the body uses all available nutrients to become stronger, before it’s passed on to nourish hair growth. Stress impacts digestion as well, which connects with proper absorption of nutrients and stress also encourages poor food choices. 

Your overall health is directly linked to hair health and appearance of your hair. 



Meditation, deep breathing, yoga, long walks in nature, exercise, sitting in nature and a conscious decision to let go of thoughts and situations that do not feel good, help alleviate stress. Remember, you have the power to choose every thought. It’s always your choice to entertain a thought that activates stress, or your choice to find the courage to shift your thought in another direction.