The Diet For Beautiful Hair

Eating well is a practice and a lifestyle, and it’s an investment of time and energy to create and sustain health and healing for years to come. The benefits are vast and the beauty that it brings, reflects the vital health. 


Hair cells are one of the quickest forming cells in the body. In order for them to grow, your diet must contain an array of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and carbohydrates. If the body is not receiving enough of these vital nutrients, it will skip delivering them to the hair for the sake of other, more important parts of the body, since the hair is a non essential tissue. 


Biotin - One of the most important vitamins for hair. Biotin is a B vitamin that helps the body break down amino acids carbohydrates and fats needed for hair. Biotin needs to be consumed in small amounts daily because the body does not store it. 


Zinc - Assists in over a hundred different reactions in the body, helps form crucial hormones and enzymes. Helps our bodies process amino acids and carbohydrates needed for hair. 


Iron - Stored iron in the body, Ferratin, assists the hair in having a strong, maximized growth phase.


Fatty Acids - Rich fatty acids promote new hair growth.


Protein - Hair is roughly 90% keratin protein. Dietary protein builds the foundation of the hair. Without proper protein the hair can be weak, break or fall out. 


Complex Carbs - carbohydrates are used to convert protein into the cells that form your hair. 


Vitamin C - Antioxidant protection, tissue growth, strong bones, wound healing, collagen production and iron absorption.