How Acupuncture Expands Your Radiance 

by Josh Rosebrook and Sandra Lanshin LAc

There aren’t any quick fixes. If we’re seeking to fix a health or beauty issue with one doctor visit, a two week diet or any one “miracle” ingredient skin product, a person really needs to understand the truth of real health, vitality  and beauty - nothing will “fix” you except a committed, holistic practice, which is a process and a lifestyle. 


Health and vitality is a commitment, an attitude and an energy we cultivate, grow and nurture. Our bodies natural, healthy state is constantly seeking wholeness and regeneration and this vital energy comes from within.  Our practice is to access, unblock and support its continual expansion through our whole body. This process has many nuances, especially as we change, shift and grow. 


We stay connected through the cycles and seasons by tuning into our bodies, listening to what it's telling us. 


When we connect to our bodies, heal our disassociating patterns, and work to accept, love and nurture our miraculous vehicles of spirit, we gain a powerful, paradigm shifting tool. 


When our mind, body and spirit are aligned and one, we can hear our guidance clearly.  As we grow spiritually, cultivate our diets with pure foods, walk a balanced life and manage our stress levels, we can access this universal field of wisdom and knowledge that is constantly guiding us to health, vitality, abundance and beauty. 


Ask your body, “What do you really need today?”  You will get a clear answer. 


Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the concept of Qi, pronounced “chee.” The energy pathways within the body that carry this Qi are meridians and the channels run throughout the whole body. Moving through, surrounding and enveloping our organs until it reaches the surface of the skin. 


Energy. Healing. Flow. 


Connecting the mind and body and addressing a persons energy, emotion and mentality correlates to physical health. Acupuncture points are where the meridians reach the surface of the skin, these are the focal points that are stimulated during acupuncture sessions. Stress, diet, infections, accidents affect our Qi. Acupuncturists look at the patters of Qi in your body, connecting health and illness, to determine where Qi is weak or blocked. Acupuncture addresses the body and incorporates heat, fire, dryness, dampness, wind, and cold. 


Preventive. Whole. Empowering. 


Sandra Lanshin LAc, founder of Treatment by Lanshin in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. Her approach and philosophy incorporates proven ancient healing techniques with an advanced, modern, ever evolving expression of healing that is absolutely revelatory. If you visit her center in NY, you’ll experience how Lanshin is changing the way we approach our body, health, beauty and lives. 


I talked with Sandra about her incredible work, and here are some of the thoughts she shared with me:


"Most people these days, esp those who live a high stress lifestyle, are blocked in so many ways. If you have neck and shoulder pain - your channels are blocked.” 


“If you have chronic emotional frustration or depression, you’re blocked."


Sandra continued to say, “Acupuncture expands the ability of your body to freely flow life force throughout your system. When your energy flows freely, there is no disease and there is no pain. There is only well-being. Where there is well-being, there is radiance…and beauty.


If you have dry skin that has a tendency to sag - you're blocked (probably around your neck, shoulders and pelvis especially). If you haven't slept well in a few days, you are definitely blocked. If don’t feel a sense of palpable life appreciation, soul satisfaction and pleasure on a regular basis - you're blocked! 


“No one realizes how important an open neck, shoulder and pelvis are to facial healthy and beauty.” 


When you are blocked, you have a degraded state of health. I use acupuncture to open blockages in the tissues of the body. This floods vitality back into your system - which will perfuse into all dimensions of yourself mind, body and spirit. Your health expands and becomes greater. 


When your life force energy flow is greater than the strength of your blocks, you literally glow with the essence of aliveness. You feel happier, full of light and free within yourself. That's how you know you're healthy. THAT to me is the ultimate beauty. What is more magnetic and full of mystique than a person who radiates self love and happiness?”