Your Feelings About Your Hair And Body Affect It's Appearance


As a hairdresser, I've had many clients sit in my chair for the first time and express feelings of deep contempt for their hair. They feel cheated and hate their hair, upset about the way it looks, and hoping I'll magically save them and they'll walk out of the salon with a completely new head of hair.

It's either too fine, too damaged, too thin or thick, too curly, frizzy or flat. Some of these people have struggled for years with the strands they were born with and they want what their hair is not, regardless of whether it's possible.

Sometimes the root of issue is a combination of genetics, poor diet, poor hair care, cheap products, over processing and/or constant damage. And sometimes the problem is a constant negative projection and a shift in perception, how a person sees and feels about the hair, regardless of it's appearance, is necessary to radiate true beauty.

In these sensitive moments behind the chair, I express compassion and understanding, and do my best to coach people to a better emotional place, helping them to find and focus on the positive aspects of their hair.

Everything is energy. It's the essence of reality and everything is contained within the energetic web of existence. This field we are eternally a part of is constantly shifting, alive and vibrating. Our thoughts and feelings are this energy, and how we think and feel about our bodies absolutely has an influence on our cells, body, overall health and our beauty.

So when someone has a negative relationship with their body or hair, and their primary thoughts are loathing and hostile toward their appearance, they don't radiate a sense of beauty. As a result, their hair appears lackluster and sad. When someone has filled a layer of their energy field with pain, hate or sadness about anything over time, it really does create the negative reality, taking a toll on the body and spirit.


Confidence, self love, beauty and radiance are high vibrations that emanate from the true self. Joy, peace and contentment surround and radiate naturally from the soul, and hurtful, judgmental thoughts dampen and degrade the body and it’s parts. Next time you become aware of the negative thoughts you’re creating, remember those hateful thoughts will eventually manifest in the physical body.

Once we realize that everything is connected — we can shift our focus to align with our true self and create nurturing thoughts from the heart.

The mind is like a computer, and whatever you choose to focus on, even if it's only for a moment, will become part of your program, creating a pattern that will return again and again with more thoughts and feelings of the same vibrational nature. The frequency you emit is what you'll reflect to the world.

In order to make a real change, it's helpful to find a new, positive angle on a subject ... a thought to “pivot” onto. For example, if the original thought is, "I hate my hair,” opt for a more positive thought like, “I'm thankful I have hair,” or “As I take care of my hair, it will get healthier.”


I've guided people for years to stop hating their hair and understand the metaphysical impact their thoughts and feelings have, along with doing everything I know professionally to help them have the most healthy, beautiful hair possible. Most importantly, remember you are a divine soul made of light, and your true nature is light, love, abundance, joy, happiness and peace. That is who you really are!


Health & Happiness,