Most People Forget To Apply Sunblock To This Visible Area


Don't forget about the delicate skin on your ears! Also don't forget about your neckline and the back of your neck - especially if you have short hair or wear your hair up.

I always use my Hydrating Accelerator on my ears followed by my Deep Hydrating oil Serum - finally applying my Nutrient Day Cream with SPF.

Once I stopped overlooking this area of my face and regularly applied hydration, oil and sunblock to my ears, it was clear that the skin on my ears became softer, firmer, had more color.  I want healthy skin on my ears for years!

Wrinkling and sagging can happen all over, including your ears. Most people forget to use sunblock and moisturizer on their ears, which can lead to actinic keratosis, and appears as hard, scaly spots on the ears due to years of sun overexposure. This usually happens in older adults, so do your best to apply sunblock (zinc oxide is the best mineral sun protection) and moisturize with rich plant oils to keep the skin on your ears nourished, protected, soft and moisturized for years to come!


*Dry skin on the ears can also be a more serious condition known as seborrheic dermatitis - check with your dermatologist.