Why Dry Shampoos Are Bad For Your Hair


I know, I know, dry shampoos are so convenient, they save time, energy and add a nice gritty texture to your hair. In a pinch a dry shampoo can be a life saver but using them regularly as “shampoo” really doesn’t support keeping your locks full and thick long term. 

Imbalanced oil, dirt and pollution accumulate naturally on a daily basis and need to be removed from the scalp and hair so the follicle can remain balanced, clear and unclogged. Hair is nourished from inside the scalp and pushes out of the follicle as it forms the hair shaft, continuing to strengthen and becoming the hair that you see. The follicle needs be clean and stimulated to fully allow and support this continual, healthy growth process. Dry shampoos do not clean or remove impurities, they only smother the follicle attempting to mask dirt and pollution while only attracting more grime and oil. This feeds on itself leading to excessive dirt and pollution build up on the scalp and follicle.  Over time this weakens the follicle. Constantly smothering the scalp and follicle with corn starch, natural root powders or aluminum in synthetic, conventional products can lead to slowing hair growth long term.

Just imagine you use a dry shampoo for 3 days a week for the next 20 or 30 years; consider how much time dirt and grime build up and continually sit on your scalp and follicle (as well the cross contamination of getting onto your pillow and subsequently your face)  and how that might contribute to weakening the strength and slowing the growth of the hair.

I can guarantee you will want as much hair as possible in your later years. 

What about a dry "shampoo" with natural ingredients?

Even if you are using a natural, non-toxic dry shampoo, you aren’t helping your hair follicle stay strong and healthy. 

Natural is better for many reasons but it’s still not “healthy” for the follicle and optimum hair growth long term. If you are using a synthetic dry shampoo, it can also be depositing a mixture of highly questionable synthetic chemicals and fragrance.

Dirty hair is covered in dust and pollution particles and does not reflect light and shine like clean, hydrated, well moisturized hair. Honor the long term health of your hair and shampoo as often as you can using shampoo with gentle cleansing agents and no artificial fragrance.