How To Achieve Frizz Free Hair Without A Blow Dryer

For everyone, wearing your hair natural without taking the time to round brush or diffuse blow dry can leave your hair a frizzy mess. Follow these simple product application and air drying steps for frizz free beach waves: 


  1. Wash hair and towel dry hair. 

  2. Evenly distribute a small amount natural styling cream or hair balm throughout the hair, include the interior hair, not just on the top, outer layer.

  3. Apply a texturizing volume or salt spray 

  4. Comb through hair to evenly distribute all product 

  5. If you have curly hair, carefully “scrunch” hair to form defined waves and finally spritz the whole head with a few pumps of hair spray. Now the hair is set!

  6. If you have straight to wavy hair, divide hair into four sections, one on each side and two in back and lightly braid each section. 


***Here’s the trick now***  DO NOT TOUCH the hair until it is COMPLETELY dry. You can test the hair by very lightly patting it, if you feel any moisture at all, it’s not done drying. 


Do not shake or move your head too much while the hair is drying. This will help keep the cuticle sealed down. Moisture swells the hair shaft and we’re utilizing the moisture so the cuticle dries flat and smooth. Quick movements and touching the hair will “ruff up” and disrupt the cuticle, causing frizz. The moisture allows the hairs to dry sealed together, in this “grouping,” the hair is protected from disturbance.


Remember, hair can be manipulated with water and heat, think of it as moldable when using those two elements.


Once the hair is dried fully, run your fingers through the hair lightly. Spritz a little hair spray to smooth any unwanted fly aways and you are ready to go!


Products used - Josh Rosebrook medium hold Styling Cream, Josh Rosebrook Lift - texture and volume spray and Josh Rosebrook firm hold Hair Spray.