Why Organic Ingredients Deliver More Results

“Organic” isn’t just a buzz word… Organic plants and herbs are very different from conventionally grown, pesticide laden counterparts and this makes a huge difference in their ability to truly benefit the body and skin.


Organic plants carry the highest amount of beneficial, active enzymes, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients - this superior quality equals a much higher performance. 


Conventional, pesticide treated plants and herbs have a weaker immune system as pesticide ridden soil has reduced concentrations of essential plant nutrients in it such as nitrogen and phosphorous and cannot grow nutrient dense plants, herbs, seeds and vegetables.


Yes, Organic means purity - but what does purity really mean for you and why does it matter? Organic purity actually contains more bio-available benefits for you.  When ingredients are all organic,  plants and herbs retain the highest amount of nutrient density – more actives – more healing – more regeneration. Complete skin health and protection. 


This about this: Pesticides can enter the body by skin, eyes, mouth and nose. Pesticides are meant to be toxic and they are toxic to humans and animals, destroy and erode soil, carried by the wind pesticide particles pollute the air and polluting our water supply - pesticides are found in 90% of US streams and wells.


So anytime you see an ingredient and it isn’t marked as Organic, Certified Organic or Wild Crafted - you now know that it is not the same, it was grown in poor soil and treated with toxins and you simply will not get the same benefits from it. 



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