How Consumers Are Miseducated By Beauty Brands

Advertising is designed to entice customers to buy products, sometimes using false claims. In our world today we’ve been “marketed to death” since a young age to purchase just about every kind of product imaginable. Through all of this, most people have become numb to the world of incessant advertising and have developed a savvy awareness that rises above marketing campaigns designed get them to open their wallets. 

People have become less susceptible to manipulative marketing except in the areas of skin, hair care, and health products which require a fair amount of  knowledge and personalized information to make informed choices.

Companies use exaggerated “miracle” marketing claims which do more damage than simply move a few units of product,  they inadvertently miseducate people. Consumers absorb a product or brand's promise as fact and this is not only unethical, it can be harmful. 

Exaggerated, fantasy claims about how a single product or ingredient can allegedly benefit a person's skin or split ends for example, forms beliefs and unreasonable expectations regarding how products must perform.

One product or ingredient, on it’s own will never make your skin “flawless.” There is no serum that “perfects” skin and we shouldn’t believe that it should. Perfect skin doesn’t exist and if it’s anything near perfect, it’s a combination of many aspects including genetics. 

Marketing claims and promises form unrealistic expectations and beliefs about how products should perform. Products can in fact reduce redness, calm, soothe, assist in regeneration, improve texture, help brighten, firm, treat acne and minimize fine lines. But keep in mind, there is no product that will rid you of wrinkles, erase imperfections and mend or repair your split end.

The reason I am compelled to share this point of view is to help educate and empower consumers  to make conscious, knowledgeable choices when purchasing.

Whole plant herbs and oils are powerful medicine and can absolutely support and help the body heal in a medicinal way - and it can be very exciting to witness how much they CAN do to support the skins natural, healing process - but it’s our responsibility to be realistic (More on this in my next blog about “How Skin Care Products Really Work”).

There is only one way we change a company's ability to trick us with clever marketing and it's through constant, truthful education that cuts through the misinformation.

Many brands will continue manipulating the public’s understanding of the truth in order to sell products, or simply because they don’t know how the skin and hair really work.

As new discoveries in skin and hair care come forward, we are learning and advancing our understanding of the science and the art of topical treatments, and what they can and can't do for the body and beauty. 

Hopefully, what I have to say will bring clarity and a deeper understanding, and not obfuscate your perception more. Bottom line? Educate yourself on ingredients, manage your expectations and make informed decisions.


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