The Benefits Of Dry Brushing and Body Scrubs

Though I’ve met some real health aficionados, wellness gurus, and skin and beauty experts, I’m always surprised by how many aren’t aware of the health benefits of dry brushing, or haven't had a full body exfoliation/scrub treatment at a spa. If that's you, you're missing out! It’s an easy (and great feeling) self-care practice I encourage everyone to try for optimal skin and immunity health.

Brushing and massage are extremely important, and not just for relieving tension and relaxation. Like all organs, the skin needs to be stimulated. Squeezing or gently pinching skin can help thicken the tissue and cause it to form more essential structure. Therefore, a regular practice of skin stimulation may help keep the skin from becoming thinner and duller with age.

And it’s not like dry brushing or scrubs are a new thing. Body exfoliation dates all the way back to 3000 BC, during the first dynasty in Egypt. And as it’s been done for centuries all over the world, you can use salt, sugar, rice, coffee grounds, ground walnut shells, or -- if you want a less messy route -- a body brush or abrasive gloves do wonders too. Our Active Enzyme Exfoliator is an incredible dual-action exfoliation treatment for face and neck. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells and grime that cling to the outer most layer of the skin, the epidermis. Not only leaving the skin smooth, soft, and bright in appearance, proper exfoliation allows our facial and body serums and oils to penetrate fully, so we can receive their full benefits. Skin brushing also stimulates new skin cell growth and eliminates bacteria, by clearing clogged pores and pushing lymphatic flow, which activates the body’s energy network and boosts your immune system response.

Lymph vessels are found throughout our entire body. These vessels support circulation, drainage of waste and immunity. They are incredibly important because our bodies contain more lymph than blood, but the lymphatic system has no muscle pushing and replenishing it like our circulatory system does. Lymphatic channels are, however, responsible for transporting fluid from the skin cells back to where they can re-enter the blood. These very small, micro-channels require gentle pressure to encourage lymph liquid flow, otherwise, they become stagnant, unwanted impurities build up and can contribute to the breakdown of connective tissue and result in poor circulation, inflammation, and lower immunity.

In other words, the best way to get those stagnant lymph cells to release their toxic deposits back through the lymph nodes and into the blood supply for proper elimination is to stimulate them with regular dry brushing.

And here’s how to do it...

Dry brush before showering or bathing. Start at the feet and brush in upwards motions on the legs toward the groin. Brush in an upwards motions on the arms, and on the body toward the navel and then up the chest and to the collarbone. This upwards direction pushes lymph fluids through the vessels and into nodes, where they then return to the circulatory system, via the veins under the left collarbone.

You can purchase most dry brushes for around $20, but just make sure they are made of vegan bristles. I have a soft brush and a more firm brush for different days and different areas of my body. Once you incorporate dry brushing into your daily routine before getting into the shower, you will both feel and see the positive effects on your overall skin health and energy levels. It’s invigorating and yet de-stressing all at the same time.