The Importance Of High Performance Ingredients In Your Facial Cleanser

I’ve read several times now people saying something to this extent: “Cleansers don’t matter as much as other skin care products because they’re washed off and any expensive ingredients in cleansers won’t stay on your skin anyway…”

 I don’t think that statement could be more misleading. This idea is referring to whether or not active and/or more expensive ingredients in our cleansing products are necessary or not. Though it sounds logical that a facial wash’s active ingredient list might not affect the skin as much because it’s washed off - is simply not true. Cleansing is not basic and the ingredient components involved, however simple or complex, will either work well to the set up the skin in a manner to receive all other next steps or it won't. 

When the skin is moist it’s especially effective at absorbing active nutrients, that affect the skin. No, not everything absorbs into the skin, obviously, but many of the beneficial ingredients that impact the skin and cause a product to be efficacious within a formulation as a cleansing product happen on the surface of the skin as well - nutrient dense herbs have softening, balancing, calming and soothing anti inflammatory effects that absolutely helps support the skin to repair the acid mantle barrier - this skin's primary defense to all disruption. 

Phytonutrients carry an immense amount of antibacterial support to the skin that can instantly perform to reinforce and ward off unwanted toxins or bad bacteria, strengthening the protective action of the epidermal layer.

Rich, organic plant oils assist the cleansing agents within cleansers in not over-cleaning and retaining moisture in the skin.

This is why beneficial, active and sometimes expensive ingredients in cleansers, besides the soaps or detergents that perform seemingly simple, "basic" cleansing action, are imperative to ultimate skin healthy, vitality and beauty!

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