How To Give Your Hair Bounce And Shine This Fall

You've spent all summer outside and while you've no doubt enjoyed yourself, your hair may tell a different story. Sun exposure, excessive heat, and chlorine are not kind to your hair. As we transition into fall, here are a few ways to make sure your hair deals with the change in seasons and keeps its shine and bounce.

1. When you spend the day outside, keep your hair covered.

If you're spending a lot of time in the sun, keep your hair covered with a hat or scarf. When the sun beats down on your hair, the heat lifts the cuticle. When the cuticle is lifted, hair becomes dehydrated, dry, and damaged. The more the cuticle rises, the more likely it is to chip and become damaged. Hair with closed cuticles is soft, smooth, and shiny.

2. Wash your hair regularly with clean, organic products.

A good, natural shampoo will cleanse the hair and scalp without over-cleaning and help remove any build-up that might have accumulated throughout the summer. Additionally, strong, shiny, healthy hair starts in the follicle and is fed through the blood.

Cleansing hair regularly removes dirt, pollution, and unbalanced oil that clogs the follicle. When the follicle is clogged, it can leads to weaker hair, reduced stimulation, and decreased nutrient uptake, and increased hair fallout.

3. Cut your hair regularly.

The worst thing you can do for your hair is skipping trims. Rather than picking apart your split ends when bored, cut 'em off. Split ends can't be repaired and if they're not removed completely, the hair will start to split even faster as it grows. If you're holding onto your split ends because you don't want to "lose length," remember that you're actually contributing to your hair looking shorter because it's constantly breaking.

4. Keep your hair soft and protected.

A simple trick to keep your hair shiny and healthy is to dab a little oil on your strands when they're dry. This will allow the oil to absorb, strengthen, protect, and moisturize your hair before you shampoo or go swimming. Applying oil to damp hair can help as well, sealing down the cuticle and creating a barrier. Use a small amount of camelina, coconut, jojoba, grapeseed, or sunflower oil.


5. Cut back on heat styling.

Instead of reaching for the blow dryer/curling iron/straightener, go natural! Embrace the natural texture and shape of your hair and experiment with different natural products to help bring out your texture, wave, curl, and volume. The excessive heat from tools causes the cuticle to raise and chip.

6. Avoid pulling your hair up or back.

It’s easy to just throw your hair up in a bun or ponytail for a quick fix, but forcing your hair into an elastic band can really damage it.

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